About Me

Brandon Connerty

Having a passion for sports and competing my entire life is what brought me to become a massage therapist 10 years ago. After about a year of practice, I realized I wanted to be able to do more to help my clients achieve their wellness goals. That’s when I became a personal trainer as well as a fascial stretch therapist. I found that both manual work and strengthening were able to help my clients in more ways than either one modality could do alone. Combining soft tissue work with resistance training my clients are able to get back to their peak sooner. Whether it is dealing with a specific ailment or injury, preparing or helping you to recover from a sport or particularly grueling gym session, or just helping to relieve the daily aches and pains of work life, my method can help.


Being a massage therapist with a personal training background I can help with both the soft tissue techniques as well as optimal rehab work to get you back to your best. Using a variety of techniques and modalities (Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, fascial stretch therapy) and combining it with resistance training allows my clients to get back to their best.


Being a massage therapist and personal trainer for the past decade, I have worked in a variety of settings. Spas, physio clinics, rehab centres, gyms and performance centres. On top of everything I have learned in those settings I have also taken many courses to help further my craft. Everything from powerlifting to animal flow as well as fascial stretch therapy and everything in between. I am formerly a national level swimmer and current rugby player at the provincial level.